Beside (co-)maintaining and backporting a small number of packages (see below) for Debian, I’m also part of the Debian Nagios Maintainer Group and working together with Debian PHP Maintainers and Alexander Wirt on php-suhosin. As part of this work I’m also involved into The Debian Monitoring Project

A detailed overview you can find on my Debian Packages overview at qado!

Daniel Baumann was so kind to review and upload the most of my packages, while I wasn’t able todo it for my own. He did even help me to understand how to create smart(er) packages and many other essential procedures inside the project.

Hopefully I can give some contribution back to Debian (and it’s users), where I did benefit on my daily work in the last decade.

Most of my work inside the Debian project is a result of my personal, employer and/or customer needs. For example I was working to get PHP5 with imap and pspell support shipped with etch.


I’m maintaining some backports for Debian GNU/Linux which are provided by


HTTP- & FTP-Mirror for the IRC client KVIrc on Donating hardware, hosting and maintaining of the SVN Server Design and PHP-scripting of the project website which can be found on the Web Archive.

Our web home .. to state … we are alive! :-)

Our domain for running Software related projects.